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My name is Jason Anson and I’m a Digital Media Designer who specializes in AppWebPrint.com products and services. That's also the name I chose for my company, to make my focus and expertise clear. A highlight in my career is becoming an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE). The Internet is becoming increasingly competitive and many are getting left behind as a result of not knowing where to turn for assistance. If you are looking for a personalised approach and easy solutions, then I’m your guy!

Tech Talk News

Tech Talk: Bridging The Gap is my website that shares news stories in 28 Industries and 68 Cities Worldwide.
  • A big part of my regular work is the flow of information over the Internet, how to disseminate it quickly and deliver it effectively to its targeted audience.
  • Each day I personally read news articles of interest from around the world, the ones I find to be of value - I share with my online community of friends.
  • My network of friends includes more than 50,000 people worldwide that follow and interact with me on my various social media platforms. This is truly a highlight of my day, to be able to connect with similar interested people and talk tech around the days news stories.

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